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Rescue Gals
Our furry members of the family tend to need the most care come spring. Rescue Gals model and North Shore Animal League America ambassador Beth Stern, London Jewelers’ Candy Udell, who founded Rescue Paw, and LI Kennel Club’s Barbra Miller share their love of animals and advocacy. Profiles of the dog and cat types best suited for your life, and the vets to take care of them, round out this special segment. Read Full Article
Rescue Gals - Wild Life
Animal advocate Beth Stern assists adoption and rescue efforts on the Island Read Full Article
Rescue Gals - Candy Udell
Rescue Paw Foundation, Founder
London Jewelers, President Read Full Article
Rescue Gals - Barbara Miller
President of the Long Island Kennel Club Read Full Article
Dogged Personalities
Canines have unique characters suited to distinct lifestyles Read Full Article
Here Kitty Kitty
In the pet world cats fill a niche between hands-on animals like dogs, and fish, which are difficult to interact with. Since most cats are low maintenance and affectionate, though fickle, picking the right one has a lot to do with looks. Read Full Article
Shop Like a Pro
Spring’s thaw invigorates us with the need to hunt. Not for eggs, but for deals and the latest on-trend looks. We asked five experts for advice on where they turn for inspiration, great deals and this season’s must haves. Read Full Article
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