Hot Suggestions for Celebrating NYE
It’s time again to pop the corks and blow the noisemakers. Will you succumb to the lure of NYC or keep things local at one of the Island’s posh venues? The choices are open and we’ve got some hot suggestions for celebrating the Big Night. Read Full Article
Clash of the Crossovers
It’s not really a sedan but it’s probably not an SUV. Find out why these crossovers are going to be getting a lot of attention in 2015 Read Full Article
Choice looks for fall are front and center in this escape for men and women. Read Full Article
Long Island’s Top Legal Eagles 2014
Our annual segment on the region’s top attorneys returns, along with our companion piece of the Top Ten as voted by their peers. Sooner or later you’ll have to call one, this is your go-to for those recognized for their achievements. Read Full Article
At this point, everyone between the ages of eight and eighty seems to have a cell phone. The upside is, this has brought the technology to a point of ubiquity. The downside is, it has also brought people’s bad habits to ubiquity. Read Full Article
Though some remember to thank active duty service members when we see them, this is my past-due Valentine to the men and women (and their families) who sacrifice everything for America and her citizens. Read Full Article
High Weekends in the Hamptons 2014
Elisa DiStefano, entertainment reporter for News12 Long Island, gives us the inside scoop on the hottest weekends to see stars, stripes and more stars in the Hamptons. Read Full Article
The Fundamental white dress shirt
It’s time to stop hiding behind stripes and dark colors and embrace the flawless white dress shirt. Read Full Article
The Best Week November 2014
Wentworth by the Sea
Snow, sand and surf are key elements for a proper winter escape. This classic New England resort has it all—without the long lines, passports or flight delays Read Full Article
Long Island’s INSIDER
Diane McInerney can be seen on millions of televisions every week, but each night she returns home to Long Island. Read Full Article
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