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Going Gray
Move over beige, white and buttercup. Gray is the new neutral in town and it’s easier to use than you think. From versions cooled with blue or warmed with red, these designers show you the season’s hottest color schemes. Read Full Article
A Look Inside One Peconic Dream Home
In the heart of wine country, near the farms and fishing boats, sits Peconic. This home’s design takes cues from one that sits on the rugged Maine coast. The views from here are grand, luring the likes of Albert Einstein. Read Full Article
A Light Reflection
Lighting designer and artist Art Donovan illuminates the details of interior lighting for the home. Read Full Article
The Shape of Things to Come
Flat panel HDTVs represent the best of what the small box could be—until now. Meet the new shapes and acronyms that may define your living room this fall. Read Full Article
Come to the Table!
In the summer, every outdoor gathering happens around the patio set. There is more to picking the best one than deciding between round or square. We asked a few designers for some guidance. Read Full Article
Prepare for the Worst
Bracing a home before a storm is a good start, but a better plan is to have the right insurance coverage. Follow our primer on making sure your home is covered now, before you’re knee-deep in floodwater. Read Full Article
Choosing Sides
There is no more important aesthetic element on a home than siding. Changing it isn’t a project that happens often but the market is rife with options. Contractors weigh-in on the pros and cons of each. Read Full Article
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