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Spy these gift ideas from our favorite bespoke baubles.

Author: Long Island Pulse | Published: Monday, January 26, 2015


Say “Forever”
There are some pieces that say “will you,” some that say “I do” and a rare few that say “forever.” The unique designs of these treasures are ideal with either casual or formal attire. And the proprietary cut of the diamonds reveals an inner blaze that will last an eternity. Shown here from top: 18k white gold engagement ring with round center diamond flanked by baguettes, matching 18k white gold diamond wedding band, 14k white gold and diamond bangle and 18k white gold diamond ring with sliced blue diamonds.
All available at Devotion, Roosevelt Field, (516) 415-5800

Full of Surprises
Subtle design elements are what individualize jewelry. The detail of this pendant enhancer adds a curvy feminine shape—and more room for diamonds—to accent the 18k pink gold and oval morganite stone. The asymmetrical sizes of the diamond spheres on the 14k white and yellow gold bangles are hardly noticeable at first, but give extra flare, perfect for the unpredictable lady.
All available at Nuha Jewelers, Plainview, (516) 931-3700

These diamond and 18k white gold pieces harmonize light and dark, soft and bold. A filigree heart pendant, with black diamond background and three-row enhancer, is made all the more unique when hung from a casual cord. Interlocked, multistrand rings are right on-trend and the play of negative space allows light to pass between diamond threads set in 18k white gold for an even more brilliant effect.
All available at Busy Bee Jewelry, Massapequa Park, (516) 882-0400

Royal Gold
There is something timeless about the look of brushed gold. It can stand alone or complement other metals and it works well paired with gems and diamonds. The look may be classic, recalling antiquity even, but it’s also current and pairs beautifully with jeans and a tee shirt. Shown here: 14k hammered cuff, 18k diamond and nugget opera necklace and classic pear-shaped 18k diamond and labradorite earrings by Sara Weinstock.
All available at H. L. Gross & Bro., Garden City, (516) 747-6666

Linked Up
Concentric lines of diamonds and gems can make a simple piece artful. This Simon G. ring with 18k white gold and white and pink diamonds blends colors as well as layers to transform a basic band into something bespoke. An 18k white gold diamond square link bracelet is a transformation of a classic tennis bracelet that pairs with simpler strands or stands alone. And February girls will have extra reason to celebrate this month with these 18k rose gold, sliced ruby and diamond teardrop earrings.
All available at Gelber & Mundy, Great Neck, (516) 482-1585

Show of Hands
For the girl who has everything, a few understated accessories will make model enhancements. Breitling’s Galactic 36 white mother-of-pearl, diamond bezel and marker timepiece is sporty, yet elegant. A 14k white gold milgrain tennis bracelet is a staple to be paired with watchwear, bangles or other strands. And Tacori’s lilac blossom ring with rose and purple amethyst, white chalcedony and gold seal will appeal to Aquarians who appreciate a little something special punctuating their bands.
All available at Libutti, Huntington, (631) 427-0126

Stunning Shapes
The hoop earring is reimagined in these ellipse-shaped 18k rose gold and diamond marquis drop earrings that are given extra character by the pinch to both ends. The rose cut diamond bangle in 18k rose gold is given the appearance of movement by its cinched centerline and varied stone sizes. And a diamond three-row ring in 18k rose gold has distinctive heights for the bands and spacing between.
All exclusive to the London Jewelers brand and available at the Manhasset Location,
(516) 627-7475

Earth Angel
The bib takes a new turn in this multi-strand smokey quartz, multi-hued sapphire and baroque pearl necklace in earthy colors that change as the light moves over them. On occasions when a cocktail ring is too much, this labradorite ring commands attention but the soft colors and low surface maintain a graceful air. Grey moonstone earrings are flattering for any neckline and can coordinate with necklaces of any length and metal.
All available at Fortunoff, Westbury, (800) 636-7886

Cold Commodity

Author: Chris Connolly | Published: Friday, January 23, 2015

Arctic Force Snowball Blaster
Made by the fun folks at Wham-O, the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster makes and fires machine perfect snowballs. Able to create three frozen spheres of death at a time and fire them up to 80 feet, this ergonomic cold weather weapon will ensure your cheeky nephew never prays for a snow day again. $35 at amazon.com

Crossbow Snow Launcher
This probably should have been called a SnowBow, but whatever. No one will be quibbling about the name when they’re chewing on a mouthful of snowy fury. Powered by a heavy-duty rubber band, this frontloading crossbow launches snowballs up to 60 feet. $40 at sharperimage.com

Your hands will be as warm as your heart
is cold when you unleash frozen hell using 
this snowball forming and throwing stick.
A decades-old favorite of cold weather kids, the Snofling allows combatants to throw snow farther and with greater accuracy than otherwise possible and they also make a supremely satisfying whoosh when whipped through the air. $7 at amazon.com

Water Whipper

Author: Sal Vaglica | Published:

Rowing is making a comeback, and with good reason. The single motion incorporates the legs, core and back into a muscle-toning, aerobic workout. While we love getting out on our local harbors and bays, this time of year we’re partial to the oiled-ash WaterRower. A fluid-filled tank replaces the standard wind resistance flywheel to better simulate a boat cutting through the waves and the design also absorbs sound and vibration better, allowing exercisers to focus on form rather than what the neighbors are thinking. The WaterRower can be stored upright as well, saving space compared to older designs. $1,095 at waterrower.com

Bomber Skis Angel Wing Haring

Author: Chris Connolly | Published:

Boutique ski manufacturers Bomber create all their skis by hand in a small race lab in Italy. Their all-mountain Angel Wing Haring edition is part of a limited production run of skis jazzed up in honor of the artists Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The Angel Wings have wood cores and sandwich construction for rigidity and impact resistance and cost $2,500. More than just a pretty face, Bomber is an official supplier to the US and Canadian Olympic teams, testament to their focus on producing skis that carve extremely well. The collaboration with these avant-garde artists’ estates is just the tip of the iceberg. Custom skis can be designed to include precious metal inlays (and a six-figure price tag). This pair is available through bomberski.com

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