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Cold Commodity

Author: Chris Connolly | Published: Friday, January 23, 2015

Arctic Force Snowball Blaster
Made by the fun folks at Wham-O, the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster makes and fires machine perfect snowballs. Able to create three frozen spheres of death at a time and fire them up to 80 feet, this ergonomic cold weather weapon will ensure your cheeky nephew never prays for a snow day again. $35 at amazon.com

Crossbow Snow Launcher
This probably should have been called a SnowBow, but whatever. No one will be quibbling about the name when they’re chewing on a mouthful of snowy fury. Powered by a heavy-duty rubber band, this frontloading crossbow launches snowballs up to 60 feet. $40 at sharperimage.com

Your hands will be as warm as your heart
is cold when you unleash frozen hell using 
this snowball forming and throwing stick.
A decades-old favorite of cold weather kids, the Snofling allows combatants to throw snow farther and with greater accuracy than otherwise possible and they also make a supremely satisfying whoosh when whipped through the air. $7 at amazon.com

Water Whipper

Author: Sal Vaglica | Published:

Rowing is making a comeback, and with good reason. The single motion incorporates the legs, core and back into a muscle-toning, aerobic workout. While we love getting out on our local harbors and bays, this time of year we’re partial to the oiled-ash WaterRower. A fluid-filled tank replaces the standard wind resistance flywheel to better simulate a boat cutting through the waves and the design also absorbs sound and vibration better, allowing exercisers to focus on form rather than what the neighbors are thinking. The WaterRower can be stored upright as well, saving space compared to older designs. $1,095 at waterrower.com

Bomber Skis Angel Wing Haring

Author: Chris Connolly | Published:

Boutique ski manufacturers Bomber create all their skis by hand in a small race lab in Italy. Their all-mountain Angel Wing Haring edition is part of a limited production run of skis jazzed up in honor of the artists Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The Angel Wings have wood cores and sandwich construction for rigidity and impact resistance and cost $2,500. More than just a pretty face, Bomber is an official supplier to the US and Canadian Olympic teams, testament to their focus on producing skis that carve extremely well. The collaboration with these avant-garde artists’ estates is just the tip of the iceberg. Custom skis can be designed to include precious metal inlays (and a six-figure price tag). This pair is available through bomberski.com

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