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Posh Product for the Pup

Author: Chris Connolly | Published: Sunday, March 29, 2015

Take the Lead

Portland’s Tanner Goods understands the idea of letting premium raw materials shine through. Using English bridle leathers, waxed canvas and high-end hardware, their canine line includes collapsible water bowls (not pictured), collars and leads in a variety of colors. Each item is dyed, burnished and waxed by hand, meant to age beautifully as you and your four-legged friend enjoy many daily walks. Bowls are $50, leads are $105 and collars are $60 or $75 depending on size. tannergoods.com

Retail Therapy: April 2015

Author: aryana herz | Published: Friday, March 27, 2015

Light White

Marsala is the color of the year, dominating fashion in all its moody, rich glory. And nothing contrasts rich wine tones like white. This summer, while dressing in the reigning hue or any of the pop-y color wheels at the forefront of style, a blanched bag will add visual anchoring. The Rebecca Minkoff Bucket Bag, $365, in perforated leather, is slimmed down yet still carries everything a girl could need.

Soft Shade

Visors have been creeping in from the fringes of fashion these last few summers. This year, the extended brim packs extra chic for beachgoers seeking a less predictable topper than the big floppies of yore. Shown here, the Helen Kaminski Mita Shimmer Visor, $130, is accented in white piping to add a sporty frame. Loro Piano always delivers on the promise of the brand’s name: extra soft. This Rosae Soffio Square Scarf, $1875 at Neiman Marcus, continues the theme in bright summer shades that easily complement the color of the season or the trend of contrasting black stripes and blocks with bright patterns. The scarf is light as air, super soft and generous in its dimensions to create a cashmere and silk envelope of warmth on cooler summer nights.

Daring Diva

The key to fashion is working as much against a prevailing style as with it. When it comes to the Bordeaux hue of choice, capturing the art of contrast is what separates the divas from the amateurs. The counterbalance of royal blue and lime are juxtaposed almost every other spring without fail (check it). Christian Louboutin employs the wonder twins beautifully in these sporty Mayerline lace-up suede and leather sandals, $1,100. They also kick pops of color to amp up any saturation of marsala, black or white in clothing.

Numbers Never Lie

Author: Max Fischer | Published:

The talking heads on TV always extol an athlete’s immeasurables—her heart or his courage in the face of adversity. Coaches though, go beyond that to the numbers, quantifiable data that until now the average athlete never had. Sporting goods manufacturers and tech companies are now incorporating sensors into the things you swing, kick and wear to compile a profile of your sporting life. For the first time you can see a weekend game as data and use it to calibrate your approach. Think of these devices as much, much smarter versions of that scorecard you fill out over 18 holes.

1. Shrewd Shooter
Inside this regulation basketball are sensors that wirelessly beam digits to an app on every bounce. The eight-hour rechargeable battery inside tracks ball spin, acceleration, arch and backspin. $200 at 94fifty.com

2. Golf Guru
Strap this golf tracker to your belt and thread one of its mating red tags into each club’s handle. Tap the tag to the sensor before each swing and it tracks balls and performance through a mobile app. The device knows which club is used, the score, driving distance (by using GPS to track how far you walk from shot to shot), and displays your stats and trends. $200 at gamegolf.com

3. Better Batter
A motion sensor mounts to the end of a baseball bat to track a swing’s speed, power, timing and direction. The data, and the overall performance score it gives you, works in conjunction with a video of each swing, making it a great teaching tool in the batting cage. $150 at blastmotion.com

4. Tennis Tracker
A Bluetooth sensor built into the handle of this racket tracks power, location of impact and how many swings you made, broken down into categories like forehand, serve and overhand smash. The stats work with the app to show how close you are to the sweet spot in between technique, endurance and power. Starting at $400 at babolatplay.com

The Little Things

Author: Chris Connolly | Published:

stuff men want
It’s a constant source of frustration for Pulsers when we see dudes dragging out three-pound key chains from baggy, threadbare pockets. Available in leather and elastomer in a rainbow of colors, the Orbitkey expandable key lock is also customizable with a host of useful accessories like minitools and thumb drives. These devices will save you valuable pocket real estate and will also ensure you’re never mistaken for a middle school janitor again. From around $30 at orbitkey.com.

Salt + Dapper
A lifestyle brand based on the Island, Salt + Dapper are thinking of the little things so we don’t have to. Designed for “the gentleman in all of us” the company’s offerings have a slightly homespun, but unerringly refined aesthetic that perfectly reflects the best of Long Island chic. Woven, floral scallop edge pocket round, $15; lapel flowers, $9; skinny tie clips, $9; silk knot cuff links $7 to $10 at saltdapper.com.

Woven Belts
Setting off an otherwise conservative ensemble with a bright, braided belt is an understated way to jazz up your work attire. Anderson’s Heritage Collection belts are made in Italy from natural materials and are available in 20 colors. Fashionable fellows can also score copious bonus points by matching their belts to their socks. Available in the US through mrporter.com for about $150.

Salt of the Earth

Author: Long Island Pulse | Published:

Gardening is gratifying work that rarely comes easily. Enjoy that time a little more by spending it with heritage-quality tools that eschew trendy designs for rock solid durability. Joseph Bentley has made gardening gear since 1895 and was revered for its gardening chemicals and accessories—one reason the British company has received The Royal Warrant. Each tool has a solid oak handle and rust resistant, stainless steel head. Come spring, use the garden spade to dig holes for new plants and the fork to loosen dense clay soils on the North Shore. Starting at $15 at williams-sonoma.com

Face Facts

Author: Max Fischer | Published:
image: kenny janosick
image: kenny janosick

Face Facts

Exfoliating helps slough off dull winter skin but it can’t always get to the root of the problem. In your face’s case, it’s the pores. The brush on the Clarisonic Smart Profile oscillates more than 300 times per second to pull impurities from pores, performing tasks like makeup removal an estimated 11 times better than hand washing. The device is smart too: A microchip in the handle communicates with one in the head to optimize cleaning power leaving skin softer, smoother and brighter.
A light on the Smart model (pictured) indicates when the battery needs a recharge and the kit includes a body polish to soften rough patches, and a foaming, purifying gel. Enjoy spa quality effects without making an appointment. $265 at clarisonic.com.