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Kevin SackelKevin Sackel

Works At: Stony Brook University
Position: Student
A Bethpage honor student will be walking the hallowed halls of England’s University at Cambridge thanks to the prestigious Churchill Scholarship. Stony Brook University senior Kevin Sackel was the only New Yorker to receive the honor. He majors in mathematics and physics, conducted independent research on algebraic structures at Stony Brook’s Institute for Theoretical Physics and has professors using words like “astonishing,” and “very rare” when describing his intellect.
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Works At

Alzheimer's Foundation of America

The EGC Group
President and CEO


Long Beach Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking
Executive Director

Wheelchairs and Veterans Enjoying Summer (WAVES)
Founder and Operator

Stony Brook University
Professor of Anthropology

Teachers Federal Credit Union
President and CEO

Manhasset Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse
Executive Director and Founder

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