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Lisbeth ShibleyLisbeth Shibley

Works At: Manhasset Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse
Position: Executive Director and Founder
Manhasset resident Lisbeth Shibley is the founding executive director of the Manhasset Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse. Although she recently stepped down from her director’s role to hand the reins to a younger generation, she still works closely with CASA in an advisory capacity. For more than a decade Shibley strived to educate parents and teens about the dangers of underage drinking and drugs and her efforts were recently recognized when Senator Jack M. Martins (R-7th District) sponsored an official commendation. “Being recognized by Senator Martins was fantastic both personally and professionally,” said Shibley. “Anytime you have an important policy maker take notice of your cause it means that a conversation is taking place and that people are recognizing that youth substance abuse can lead to addiction. Prevention starts at the very youngest ages by addressing the underage drinking problems in our communities.”
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