Cass Dillon
Rockville Centre’s multitalented tunesmith is a folk indie in the first degree. But that doesn’t stop him from dropping hip-hop with a cellist, appearing in movies with Anne Hathaway or Ethan Hawke and soon, starring in Robbie Woliver’s stage adaptation of 1960s Greenwich Village. Yes, you need to know Cass Dillon.

Building Bridges
Art usually comes to The Brooklyn Museum’s Sharon Matt Atkins easily. But to land a seminal NYC exhibit by Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei, she had to go after it. Hard. And the artist agreed to make Brooklyn his final—and largest—stop on the US exhibition tour.

Pulse Endorses: The Stale Peep
The practice of neglecting marshmallow Peeps until they reach a crunchy staleness is gaining traction. But would it appeal to the notoriously picky Pulse people?

Under the Skin
Scarlett Johansson speaks volumes in her largely wordless performance as an alien seductress exploring Earth.

April 2014