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It’s not rocket science, but there is a process to mastering the bath. Here’s how to prepare a proper super soaker.
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Heavenly Bodies
The season of sun can rob skin of moisture. These products only require a few minutes to give skin a healthy glow. Read Full Article
Team Up
Our guide to Long Island’s best summer sports leagues help you stay fit while having fun Read Full Article
10 Ways to Beat Processed Sugar
Sugar is not always white and it’s not always listed by name. Ever wonder how it’s still sneaking into your diet? Here’s how to beat sugar. Read Full Article
Chasing Amy
For some, the Ironman pushes the body to extremes. But for amputee Amy Palmiero-Winters it was just a start. Read Full Article
“Know When to Fold ’em”
“The Gambler” tucked sage relationship wisdom into his hit about knowing when to fold ‘em. Read Full Article
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Doctors of Distinction 2013
From the earliest days, our labs, medical centers and physicians have paved the way to advancements in virtually all areas of medical science. Time and again, our region is hailed as one of the best places in the country to live, thanks in large part to our access to superb doctors and hospitals. Read Full Article
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