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Rise of the Machines
A studio in Manhasset is outfitted with a suite of Gyrotonic machines designed to make the moves—a mix of yoga, dance, gymnastics and tai chi—a little easier. Read Full Article
How to Pare Down Your Wallet (and Keep It That Way)
If you’ve got a filing cabinet under half of your ass, pay attention to the proper way to go on a wallet diet. Read Full Article
Wood Choppers
Take a page from Paul Bunyan’s playbook with the woodchopper exercise, a move that delivers a gut-busting workout. Read Full Article
DASH & Dine
Today there are enough diets to fill-up an aisle at the supermarket. But the best one has been flying under the radar for years, probably because it’s not geared toward weight loss. Read Full Article
The Local Lord Of The Cup
As a Bethpage native, Pittsburg Penguins defenseman Rob Scuderi grew up rooting for the Islanders. He visits us occasionally, like when he plays the Isles, or when he brings Lord Stanley’s cup home for a tour. Read Full Article
Purposeful Existence
A job gets you out of bed in the morning, but it’s not necessarily a purpose. Finding something that drives you can lead to a longer life. Read Full Article
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Doctors of Distinction 2014
Our celebrated list of docs defines the profession. From pain-free dentistry to the ultimate GP to the most advanced plastic surgeons, this is your reference to the best medical care. Read Full Article
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