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It’s not rocket science, but there is a process to mastering the bath. Here’s how to prepare a proper super soaker.
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SPF Your Summer
UV rays damage every part of the body, but there is head-to-toe protection that’s easy to incorporate into a daily routine. No thick and pasty sunblock need apply. Read Full Article
Summer Apps
This roundup of the latest smartphone apps puts summer workouts in the palm of your hand. Read Full Article
Memorial Day kicks off the season of get-togethers. If you catch your- self with hostess fatigue, chances are you could benefit from advice on avoiding the downward spiral. Read Full Article
Swimming for Maggie
The seaweed clings and the sea jellies sting during this five-mile swim, but the participants never stop. Their motivation is the memory of one special teen who never got to complete the swim herself. Read Full Article
Creative Juices
Creativity counts for a lot, even if a painting isn’t great or a short story is never published. Take a page from the book of your youth to relieve stress and start thinking outside the box.
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Long Island's Top Doctors | Read more about LI's Top Doctors
Doctors of Distinction 2014
Our celebrated list of docs defines the profession. From pain-free dentistry to the ultimate GP to the most advanced plastic surgeons, this is your reference to the best medical care. Read Full Article
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