The Future is Now!

Long Island Pulse Magazine is proud to be an early adopter of 2D technology. By providing this cutting-edge platform, our readers can access special offers and exclusive promotions. And our advertisers can interact with our readers and share information, THROUGH CELL PHONES!

And we're not talking about making a call. It takes about 5 SECONDS—here's how it works:
step 1
Open the web browser on your cell phone.
step 3
Follow the prompts to download NEOREADER.
step 4
Use NEOREADER to take a picture of any 2D barcode. (To use Neoreader, open the application, focus your cell phone in front of a 2D barcode and snap as if you're taking a picture. Neoreader will automatically take you to the related landing page.)
step 5
Enjoy FREE STUFF and other exclusive offers!