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Kentucky Mule

Kentucky Mule

Author: Sal Vaglica | Published: Monday, October 28, 2013
Photo by Pepper Rebecca Canese
Photo by Pepper Rebecca Canese

There is just no way around it, fall is heavy. Clothing gets heavier because of the weather and people get heavier (at least a little bit) because of Thanksgiving and all the glory that is pie. The season fills with the aroma of wood and the spiciness of apple and pumpkin pies. Bourbon’s woodsy flavor makes it the ideal drink for fall. It stands in perfectly in a Kentucky Mule where it pairs with the spiciness of a good ginger beer.

2oz traditional wheat bourbon
1/2oz fresh lime juice
Up to 6oz of ginger beer

Fill a Collins glass with ice and add the bourbon and lime juice. Top off with cold gold ginger beer and stir.

Sal Vaglica
Author: Sal Vaglica

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