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9 in art 2014
Nada, Pulse’s publisher and editor, returns with our annual lineup of the up-and-coming Long Island artists you need to start collecting right now. Read Full Article
9 in art: Christie Devereaux
The way Devereaux makes them new is by pursuing the light and the movement of the sea instead. And she renders it with her swirling, churning, burling technique that has the same energy as the waves and the wind. Read Full Article
9 in art: Edward Batcheller
In Edward Batcheller’s works, the nuance and the metaphor render a composition as much as the glass, light and chemicals do. It’s all about turning things upside down. Read Full Article
9 in art: Fulvio Massi
There are different layers of temporalities. And time is an equalizer… that’s the fascinating part of doing this. Read Full Article
9 in art: Ginger Balizer-Hendler
The art she creates is a world where “swimmers, crawlers and flyers all live together and it’s a dream.” That’s why she calls them dreamscapes. Read Full Article
9 in art: Michael Cardacino
The flatness of Michael Cardacino’s art hints at photography and his commercial art background, but the pieces are actually far more bombastic. Read Full Article
9 in art: Phetus
Graffiti’s out in the street. And it’s free. It’s illegal, it’s risky and it’s everything you’re not supposed to be doing. But if you got your paint paid for you and you have allocated time to be on the premises, it’s not graffiti Read Full Article
9 in art: Rosalind Brenner
“I’m just painting—something comes over me. Hard to say, because it’s not conceptual. I’m not trying to paint concepts or ideas for the most part. I’m exploring, playing, experimenting. That’s what I do.” Read Full Article
9 in art: Sarah Jaffe Turnbull
Until now, Sarah Jaffe Turnbull’s sculptures have been largely figurative, but this new direction is significant because it is literally constructive. And in this case they resonate because geometrics are the rendering of our need for order even though the shapes are disparate and assembled almost teeteringly. Read Full Article
9 in art: Schery Markee Sullivan
Schery Markee Sullivan’s scenes, whether a mother and child, a worry doll, cityscape or cave-like pictograph “instincts,” transcend all cloudiness and illuminate the human spirit, advocating for spiritual porousness. Read Full Article
two-faced friends
We’ve been profiling artist VIPs since our first issue. Recently a few of them, our extended family, got together to stage a show of heroic proportions, both in scale and scope. Read Full Article
Pop Sculpture
Famous as one of the founders of the Pop Art movement, Roy Lichtenstein also had a playful way with sculptures. Recently two never before seen works, each a commentary on art itself, splashed down in the Hamptons. Read Full Article
Art & Soul
Socialite and business powerhouse Cindy Farkas Glanzrock unites artists and audiences in some of Manhattan’s least expected places. Read Full Article
Summer Heat
Pop Art icon and candy-coated sensualist Marjorie Strider’s work has us rethinking everything from feminism to bikinis to Coca Cola. Read Full Article
Connecting Collectors to Art
This annual art shopping showcase looks to unite collectors with pieces they’ll treasure forever. It also celebrates the long-standing affiliation between eastern Long Island and the art world’s brightest stars. Read Full Article
Showtime July 2014
A Motherwell showcase in East Hampton celebrates works produced during the abstract expressionist’s Hamptons residency and in Southampton a collection of artists focus on the simple and the beautiful. Read Full Article
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