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Paradox at the Parrish
The East End’s proud and quirky art bastion juxtaposes 20th century American Realist William Glackens and the thoroughly modern Maya Lin. Read Full Article
Summer Reading
The best books to drape over your face while you snooze in the sun. Read Full Article
November: The Horror
Are you tired of raking leaves? Does it seem like they're out to get you sometimes? Read Full Article
The Zero Theorem
Terry Gilliam’s latest film is a look at a deranged madman’s quest to prove nothing exists. Sound hilarious? It is. At times. Read Full Article
Sisters in Arms
A car accident, a name change and a few other bumps in the road sidetracked these promising indie poppers after their lauded debut album. Now the LI-based band is back and they’re looking to be the next big thing. Again. Read Full Article
A Spoonful of Cream
From his early days to his work with Cream and everything that’s come afterwards, the legendary Jack Bruce opens up. Read Full Article
Expect the Unexpected
Karen Levitov is flying solo and looking to shake things up as the new head of Stony Brook’s Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery. Her first exhibition, a spontaneous performance art piece, will usher in her risky vision for the space. Read Full Article
Playlist September 2014
The September playlist is back to cool with ambitious, soulful, rocking new releases. Read Full Article
Union of Giants
Union of Giants
words: nadA | photo: lynn spinnato Read Full Article
Madonna & Madness
Want to mix it up a little this month? How about a one-man show by a gay, ex-junkie, homeless thief and prostitute punctuated by re-interpretations of Madonna’s songs? Ok, cool. Meet us at Guild Hall in East Hampton. Read Full Article
WEHM'S New Release Tuesdays | Read more music previews
WEHM’s New Release Tuesdays September 2014
92.9 and 96.9 WEHM’s New Release Tuesdays airs from 9-10pm when host Harry Wareing spins the month’s top listens. September’s feature artists put out quality records late into the autumn of their careers. Read Full Article
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