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Student Mind, Student Body
Graduates of Stony Brook University’s underrated MFA program bare their souls in an exhibit at the newly renovated Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery. Read Full Article
Book Roundup of LI Authors 2012
A roundup of books published by people who live, play and apparently, work here. Website Exclusive! Read Full Article
November: The Horror
Are you tired of raking leaves? Does it seem like they're out to get you sometimes? Read Full Article
Under the Skin
Scarlett Johansson speaks volumes in her largely wordless performance as an alien seductress exploring Earth. Read Full Article
Cass Dillon
Rockville Centre’s multitalented tunesmith is a folk indie in the first degree. But that doesn’t stop him from dropping hip-hop with a cellist, appearing in movies with Anne Hathaway or Ethan Hawke and soon, starring in Robbie Woliver’s stage adaptation of 1960s Greenwich Village. Yes, you need to know Cass Dillon. Read Full Article
David Crosby
Pulse contributor Roy Abrams sat down with the happy and healthy folk legend on the heels of his Croz release, his first solo album in 20 years, to talk about recording with his son, why Lady Gaga changed his mind about pop and the best person to call a CSNY reunion. Read Full Article
Building Bridges
Art usually comes to The Brooklyn Museum’s Sharon Matt Atkins easily. But to land a seminal NYC exhibit by Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei, she had to go after it. Hard. And the artist agreed to make Brooklyn his final—and largest—stop on the US exhibition tour. Read Full Article
Playlist April 2014
Releases to chase the raindrops and clouds away Read Full Article
Long Island Poetry: A World Café
In honor of poetry month we interviewed the international poets laureate of Nassau and Suffolk counties whose verse spans international borders Read Full Article
Ben Vereen
After surviving a car accident, a stroke and a second automobile accident in a single night, triple threat Ben Vereen is back on stage. His next stop? The Tilles Center on April 4th. Read Full Article
WEHM'S New Release Tuesdays | Read more music previews
WEHM’s New Release Tuesdays April 2014
April picks for 92.9 and 96.9 WEHM New Release Tuesdays (airing every Tuesday from 9—10pm) range from not-quite-country to a whole lot of country, all with a modern beat. Read Full Article
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