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Photo manipulation and an abstract art collective have captured our attention this month Read Full Article
Books To Curl Up With This Winter
Ignore the polar vortex by cozying up with a good book. Our selections have ties to Long Island that bring the stories home. Read Full Article
An Idiot in a Bath Tub
It was anything but smooth sailing for author Jeff Nichols during a storm off Montauk. Read Full Article
10 Best Movies of 2014
Filmophile Dylan Skolnick recounts the year’s top flicks. Go ahead and load up your Netflix queue. Read Full Article
Valerie June, Father John Misty, Beacon; Seth Combs picks our favorite music we haven’t heard of yet. Read Full Article
Ramone On His Own
Being a member of the Ramones is impressive on its own. But Marky Ramone also pounded the skins for trailblazing punk act, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and the proto-heavy metal trio, Dust. In this penetrating interview he gets real about this past, his new memoir and his place in music history. Read Full Article
Breaking Barriers
Dr. Lowery Sims, chief curator at New York’s Museum of Art and Design, is spearheading a collection of more than 75 Latin artists and designers. But she didn’t just mail it in—she spent 2 1⁄2 years hunting for pieces all over Mexico and Central and South America. Read Full Article
This month’s Playlist presents a stable of artists paying tribute to great works and great performers while maintaining their own styles. Read Full Article
Union of Giants
Union of Giants
words: nadA | photo: lynn spinnato Read Full Article
Ayad Akhtar’s 'Disgraced' tackles issues like Muslim/American and Arab/Jewish relations. It also explores some themes that are fraught with tension. Read Full Article
WEHM'S New Release Tuesdays | Read more music previews
92.9 and 96.9 WEHM’s New Release Tuesdays airs from 9-10pm. Host Harry Wareing spins the month’s top listens and in February a trio of indie hyphenates drop singles that range from indie-pop to indie- rock, even indie-soul, if that’s a thing. Read Full Article
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